Our Service

We cover Herts, Beds, Bucks, Middlesex and North London.
It is a proven fact that by cleaning your oven regularly you not only prolong the life of your oven by removing grease and carbon deposits, your food tastes better and there is less risk of cross contamination. Most ovens these days are a large investment and to take care of them properly they need a thorough deep clean that only A Cleaner Oven can provide!

Our 10 Step Process to a Cleaner Oven

  1. Pre-Clean Inspection to identify areas of concern or any existing faults
  2. Cover floor area to protect
  3. New solution mixed for each customer
  4. Remove doors where applicable for full access to clean
  5. Take out racks & liners to dip in our NON-TOXIC, NON-CAUSTIC solution
  6. Glass removed and seals cleaned (where possible)
  7. All interior and exterior cleaned using non abrasive methods
  8. Any minor repairs undertaken
  9. Racks and liners de-greased and carbon deposits removed
  10. Customer review and inspection check to ensure satisfaction

Before and After cleaning;

Service-01-Before-OvenPic3-thumb          Service-01-After-OvenPic4-thumb


Service-02-Before-OvenPic9-thumb          Service-02-After-OvenPic11-thumb